Bottle found


Today - April - we found a bottle by the shore on the island Senja in Norway. This island is the biggest but one island in Norway and lies between the 2 cities Tromsoe and Harstad in the troms county in northern Norway. In this bottle we found a picture from Klaksvik, Faroe island, Førøya sjømannadagur 17. august 2008. The name og the person who has snt this letter is Rani T Bø - 9 years old.
Today we were having a walk along the shore when my wife suddenly found this bottle. We took it home and opened it.
We are a couple - 55 and 57 years old - and we live only 2 km away from where we found the bottle.
Greetings from
Wally and Ivar Mortensen
9385 Skaland